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Wild Canadian Smoked Salmon

We specialize in creating the worlds finest smoked salmon products all made in British Columbia Canada from the highest quality Wild Pacific Salmon.  We also recently introduced our SpiceCo brand of products which feature high quality international spices and spice blends.


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Our Brands
Smoked Salmon

Wild Canadian Smoked Salmon

The Finest Smoked Salmon Anywhere in the World

Salmon Lox

Wild Salmon Lox

Our Lox are made from the finest Wild Canadian Sockeye Salmon and packaged in beautiful retail ready packaging.

Wild Salmon Jerky

Simply the most delicious salmon jerky you have ever had in your life. This will have customers coming back again and again.

Salmon Candy

Salmon Candy

We have a variety of Wild Canadian candied salmon products featuring Indian candied salmon as well as salmon nuggets

Top Quality Spices

We have a number of unique spices and spice blends from around the world

3 Pack Smoked Salts

Incredibly fragrant and tasty smoked salts. Including hardwood smoked salts and bacon smoked salts.

Cheese Powders

A selection of premium cheese powders including the finest cheddar cheese in Canada as well as white cheddar and blue cheese powder

Selection of Unique Dried Fruit

An assortment of unique dried fruit options including our famous chili mangoes, apple cinnamon chucks and tropical fruit salad