Wild Canadian Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Wild Canadian Smoked Sockeye Salmon Filet

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Our original sockeye salmon retort pouches are such a big hit that we decided to tweak the recipe a little and add a second sockeye salmon to our offering of shelf stable salmon. We took the same delicious hand-picked wild Canadian sockeye salmon changed up the salt and sugar content a bit to produce a richer tasting sockeye salmon filet.  This is a labor of love for our master smokers and we’re delivering a truly world-class shelf stable salmon product.

Just like the original this version of our sockeye salmon is hot smoked and packed in gold foil pouches to lock in the freshness and flavor. Our beautiful sleeves ensure that our salmon products remain firm and intact for travel while looking amazing at the same time.

  • Premium handpicked sockeye salmon caught off the Pacific coast of British Columbia
  • Vacuum sealed and packed to keep if fresh in a modern elegant packaging perfect for gift giving
  • 8-ounce pack of wild Canadian sockeye salmon




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