Wild Canadian Salmon Jerky Chili 4 oz

Wild Canadian Spicy Salmon Jerky 4 oz


This has truly been a labor of love, creating our new salmon jerky that’s going to blow you away. We have tried all the rest and then created the best, no seriously we have the best salmon jerky on the market hands down.

You get a great bite of our jerky with just the right amount of softness in it so it doesn’t give you that tough-to-chew feel. We’re using premium Wild Canadian Salmon and then hot smoking it into medium size strips of delicious jerky.  Unlike those leathery strips that tend to pass as salmon jerky, we’ve created a jerky that’s moist and tasty.

We broke out the heat and threw in some chili flakes into this batch of jerky, this one is a personal favorite as the chili flakes give just the right amount of heat.

  • Made in Canada from Wild Canadian Salmon
  • Packed Full of Protein
  • Healthy Snack
  • Chili Flavored

Foil Lined Retail Ready Bag


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